The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, pram or highchair!
The Houdini Stop can be used in the car, pram or highchair!
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What Is A Houdini Stop & How Does It Work?

Your harness sanity saver. Keeps your Houdini safe and secure within their existing harnesses. No more climbing out of the carseat, high chair or stroller harness. No more unnecessary falls

This is the original, officially AS/NZS standards crash tested Houdini Stop chest clip. It is proven safe and legal to use in Australia and New Zealand. 

It has been crash tested to AS/NZS standard 8005:2013 in both forward and rear facing situations with Type B, A1, A2 & A4 seats and proven to be safe in all these tests!


What is a Houdini Stop?. How does it work?

Click on the words instructional video link below to see our video.

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Safety Information:

Please contact the team at Houdini Solutions Limited if you need any further safety information. The Houdini Stop is a legal aftermarket accessory. It is not illegal to add this to your carseat harness.  It has been crash tested at an official crash testing facility, proven to be safe in an accident situation. The testing found the Houdini Stop product to comply with the AS/NZS Standard 8005:2013.  

Suitable for mainly 12 - 36 month old children. Fits most harnesses up to 38mm wide.

Rear Facing:

The Houdini Stop has now been officially crash tested in both forward facing and rear facing situations, using Type B, A1, A2 and A4 seats. It meet the AS/NZS Standard 8005:2013 in all the test situations.


A Houdini Stop is not a restraint:

It is actually the car seat harnesses that is the restraint. The Houdini Stop merely is a product you can add to the harness to ensure your child does not pull the harness straps aside and remove their arms. Once your child has stopped doing this dangerous practice, please stop using the Houdini Stop

If you child is removing their arms and you are not happy to use a Houdini Stop for a short while as a deterrent, you will have to look at replacing your car seat as it is very important that the car seat keeps your child fully restrained. Especially if you are in an accident

Please look into your options and speak with a Car Seat technician to discuss your options ASAP as not having your child fully restrained is dangerous.



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